Now It’s Available for You!

IN THE “John F. Kennedy Era” 

Business Owners Created Substantial Wealth Using This Benefit!  

Business owners are the most susceptible to it…

Don’t feel bad if this happens to you! 

 WE are susceptible to “not knowing” things WE need to know TO SECURE OUR business growth.

This is why WE need good business advisors.   

However, sometimes by not knowing, you are too late to the party, and opportunities are missed.


It is called “The Corporate Equity Executive Plan”, (OR CEEP.)  It is designed for highly paid business owners and executives.  The plan has been around since the 60’s, and it was used by the “big guns “of the Fortune 500 type companies.  

And You Don’t Want to Be Late TO THIS PARTY!

However, over the years, the plans have been redesigned for the smaller business owner, making it possible for you to take advantage of this substantial benefit plan.  

Because this benefit has been used in large companies such as the S&P 500, many advisors are not aware of this “Hidden Gem of a Benefit.”

Leo had a successful business in wholesale.  He gave his employees great benefits, treated them well, had a 401k, and great health benefits. 

His problem was the 401k limited the amount of contribution he personally could make to the plan because of his high salary.  This was a problem for Leo, because even though he made 401k contributions his percentage of final pay was much lower compared to final earnings. 

Leo didn’t want to depend on selling his business for his retirement, as he had children and grandchildren who wanted to run it and Leo regarded his company as a legacy to his family. 

 Leo wanted his company to support his future security, however, the 401k limited this ability.  

When we projected his retirement benefit percentage compared to his final pay, he was substantially lower than his lower paid employees.   His employee group would retire with social security and their retirement benefit at about 65-80% of their final earnings.   In Leo’s case, his percentage would be about 40% of his final earnings.     

To make up the difference we introduced Leo to the CEEP plan.  The plan allowed him to decide the number of deposits he wanted to make into the plan.  Leo decided to put in $50,000 more a year until his retirement.  This added amount, would increase his final income to around 80-90% of his final pay, adjusted for inflation and salary increases. 

Because the business is funding his retirement plan, he has the benefit of having very efficient tax results.   The plan allowed Leo to use the funds whenever needed, and all withdrawals were tax-free.  Leo was the only participant in the plan, but he plans on adding a few family members to the plan in the future. 

 Considering all the withdrawals would be tax-free, unlike a qualified 401k plan, Leo was able to secure his financial security through the funding by his company! Because very little of the contribution is part of his total compensation, Leo saw a great opportunity for the company to pay for his retirement. They pay for his cars, country club, lunches, some vacations, why not his retirement?

This was a case where the CEEP allowed the highly paid owner to create wealth for themselves, but also on a tax-free basis, allowing more flexibility at retirement for him and his family.  

“Create Your Own “Tax-Free Haven”

By using your company’s cash flow, you can create a tax-free retirement plan. Imagine, no taxes on your income when you retire!

  • Participations: You do not have to include anyone else in the plan. 
  • Contributions: Contribute to the plan as much as you want with flexible contributions, including skipping ability.  
  • Contribution allocation: All the contributions go to your account, and you are not forced to share contributions with anyone.
  • Usage of funds: You can withdraw these funds before 59 1/2 without taxes, penalty, or restriction-why not fund your inventory this way- without a banker! 
  • Funded by your company:   Like a 401k plan, your company contributes to the plan, to your account, since you are the only participant.  
  • Deductible: The company can decide when they wish to take the deduction of the plan.  
  • At Death:  From day one there is a “self-completion clause”, if you die, a tax-free lump sum benefit is paid to your family. In most cases this is the amount of money you would have created in retirement had you lived to retirement. 
  • No force out like RMD: At retirement you are not forced to take withdrawals from your plan, like the required minimum distribution rules under 401k’s and IRA’S.  
  • No Tax on Inheritance:  All benefits are tax-free to your family at your death.
  • more….

Do you remember When?  

When you were a kid, did you ever lay down in freshly mowed green grass and stare up at the blue sky and watch the clouds move?  You smelled the sweetness of the cut grass and just felt so relaxed?  In the background, you hear a twin-engine airplane flying above.  This is the moment in time when there were no issues in life, things were great and easy, and you were so relaxed…

Imagine that feeling, but now it’s at a time in life where you are ready to enjoy more time to “lay in the grass” again and feel that same feeling.  Only now, you are retired, and because you made the right planning decisions, there are no issues.  Financially, you are enjoying a wonderful retirement lifestyle.  The reason: you eliminated income taxes!   You are living the tax-free lifestyle which the CEEP plan offers.   

That is what the CEEP can create for you, and I want to give you more information about it because it is

one of the best benefits ever for business owners.

This is one of those moments you don’t want to show up late for the party!  If you haven’t been exposed to this type of executive benefit, do yourself a favor and download this Free White Paper that explains it all.

I encourage you to take a new path that will give you the opportunity to create greater financial wealth for your future.  A path that will educate you on the great usage of business cash flow to create more financial security.  The path you want to take is to request this free report, download it and spend some time learning about this fabulous benefit used by many high earning business owners and executives since the “John Fitzgerald Kennedy Era”. 



P.S. SPECIAL OFFER: The first 15 requests will receive a free copy of my book, “Unlocking Your Business DNA”.  A BOOK filled with business strategies that will allow you to grow your business and create an ungodly amount of leisure time to enjoy what you are building.

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