About This Blog!

This Blog is dedicated to the business owners whether they own a large company or a small company.  Whether they are veterans of business ownership, or just starting out. Having spent  more than 46 year working with business owners, I wanted to share some of the things which I have learned which has been helpful to business owners.   This information will help you protect your business, grow your business, and start the process of working more on your business, rather than just working in it, by some of the experience I have.

This information will help educate  you with time tested strategies which will start you on the path of growing your business while learning strategies as to how to extract your wealth in your business.

It is said that over 90% of business owners have their personal wealth tied up in their business.  They also in many cases, don’t have a strategy of getting it out of their business when they need it the most!

Ask yourself this;

  1. What if you just got tired of your business and wanted to get out?
  2. What if you became very sick, or died?
  3. What if you lost your key person (or key group), to your competition?
  4. What if there was an economic downturn and you couldn’t increase your cash flow?

How fast could you turn your business into cash that you will need?  Can you extract the real value of your company?  Enjoy the journey!