Tom is directly involved with the areas of

  • Estate and Business Planning for business owners
  • Income Planning using tax strategies and extracting wealth from business equity
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Planning
  • Executive Compensation Benefits, and Corporate Benefit Planning.

Tom consults business owners in helping them,  “grow, protect, and extract their business wealth”, so they can have a successful, succession from their business.   He believes everyone has a plan.  One by design, and one by default.  Usually, the plan by design is more efficient and cost affective.  Planning by design has a more positive outcome!

Small Business Owners Turn To NECGGINC  When 

  • They are striving to achieve increased growth and equity value, and under significant pressure to increase their business cash flow.
  • Frustrated they are working long hours and not seeing greater results.
  • They are searching for more unique and cost-effective benefits, and ways to use the business income to create wealth for them!
  • They do not have any peace of mind knowing they haven’t addressed the “FOUR WHAT IFS’
  • What if I don’t want to run this business any longer?   
  • What if I have a sickness, become disabled, or die?    
  • What if I lose my key person (key group)?      
  • What if I can’t increase my cash flow?
  • They are continually embarrassed they don’t have an adequate business succession, exit and transition plan, exposing them and their families to financial disaster!
  • They have a position, paycheck, and place to go, but no future equity for their financial independence, and feel its time start putting one together!
  • Concerned they have too much wealth locked in their business with no guaranteed method of extracting it out for their future financial security.
  • They feel they are stuck in a rut trying to build a solid middle management team to increase marketability and build a business culture with increasing value.
  • They have had it with running the business and feel like they are running an “adult daycare center” and feel the business is running them, and not them running the business.

NECGGINC’S  Business And Benefit Blueprint Planning System, is a structured, pragmatic process of planning which is designed to solvthe business owners pains and problemsOwners find our system, educational, systematic, and time efficient.   Also, the process identifies missed opportunities, when employed will help the business owner achieve their desires, goals and visions. 

 NECGGINC continues to provide quality to business owners because we are very different from what you will find in the market place…

  • We believe effective and efficient solutions are based on a strategic plan. Planning defines the problems, the pain, and is the window to future solutions.
  • EVERYONE HAS A PLAN; either by defaultor a Designed Plan. A Designed Plan is more efficient, effective in costs and is sustainable for the business life.
  • Our meetings with client are time efficient, no longer than 45 minutes, respecting their brevity.
  • We don’t wing it; we have a process and procedure. with qualifiable and quantitative results.
  • Our benefit packages, and insurance plans, are built around a Designed Final Plan. Products are not offered without a Defined Planned Plan.
  • Our FREE patented automatic annual review system keeps plans up to date, especially with the consistent changes coming out of Washington DC.
  • We advocate a coordination of planning with owners’ other advisors.
  • Our costs are up front and have a 100% six month guarantee refund.
  • Our member group, Business and Personal Benefit Planning Group, supports our planning process.

Tom started in the financial services business in 1971 and has developed ongoing planning strategies to help his clients hold on to their wealth, avoid financial landmines, and lower their taxes. He is  the president of New England Consulting Group of Guilford, Inc. a firm  specializing in Business Succession, Exit and Transition, along with estate and asset protection planning.  The firm also specializes in Executive Compensation Planning a planning strategy that helps business owners and high income executives to create more money for retirement on a tax effective basis. 

Tom’s belief is that people and businesses can avoid many of the financial disasters by just having more knowledge of the money traps that cause the loss of assets and income. These include taxes, fees and cost of money factors. He believes traditional money concepts have a cost to them, and teaches his clients other more effective planning strategies to save their wealth.  Tom also believes that many of the business owners have not planned and Exit Strategy for the future. The “What if’s of Life”

Tom has been active in his community with the Board of Trustees of Blackstone Memorial Library in Branford, Ct, the Friends of Blackstone, and the board of BCTV Branford.  He has also taught advanced planning courses in business continuation, estate and Medicaid planning for continuing education for financial professionals. By using effective strategies, Tom works towards the protection of  estate assets while lowering potential tax exposure. Tom mentors advisors around the area on the topics listed. Tom has spent time helping many non-profits in his community,  such as the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, Trustee of Blackstone Memorial Library (Branford, CT), President of New Haven Life Underwriters, and other non-profits.  Tom has spent many years coaching hockey and baseball for youth groups. To LEARN MORE about Tom’s practice:   . FAQ FOR INDIVIDUALS       FAQ – FOR BUSINESS OWNERS 

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